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September 8, 2019

Hi guys! Some big news to report. After a little tweaking, I was able to get the recently released No Man's Sky VR to work with the Omni, using the same "controller-guided" movement direction that Skyrim VR uses. Frame rate is still a bit inconsistent, but hopefully this will improve over the course of future updates. 

I've always dreamed of using the Omni to play a game in which I could, theoretically, walk around an entire planet. My main hopes of doing this have been Star Citizen, and No Man's Sky. What is it like?  Surprisingly, it seems that just knowing that there are no invisible walls makes a difference to how you feel while walking in the virtual world. Imagination is clearly a component of the VR experience, along with visuals, audio, and controls - t...

March 19, 2019

Next week will be the third anniversary of the first generation of VR headsets produced by HTC and Oculus. In the interim, we've witnessed the growing pains of VR - the slow rate of consumer adoption, the continued paucity of great content, and the departure of some of the early players including CCP games - the developer of Eve Valkyrie. On paper, the last three years might look like a boom and bust, but if you're a VR enthusiast, there is hope on the horizon!  

A few companies - like Virtuix, were early to recognise this faltering start and pivot to a commercial use of their product, and VR has been doing well at VR arcades and other LBE (location based entertainment) venues. I was at IAAPA in Florida this past November when Virtuix unveil...

January 1, 2016


Man, 2015 was a real tease. After so much build-up, hype, investment headlines, product reveals, and game announcements, it still looked as though the dawn of Consumer VR would be pushed back yet another year. The Vive’s limited release was delayed from December until April, and today we’ve learned the launch of Oculus’ competing ‘Touch’ controllers has been moved from H1 to H2 next year (though their first PC tethered mask – the ‘Rift’ is still on course for Q1).


The silver lining in both cases is that we are told the extra time is only to improve the product, and not a bad omen of some kind. Well, if you backed the Virtuix Omni as I did, you’ll know that these pioneering VR companies are taking their responsibilities extremely seriously. The success or failure of our digital future ride...

December 16, 2015

This is where I share a few terms that you’ll find used in the VR community, and a few I may have made up myself!




Active VR: Any first-person application that features natural human locomotion, i.e. walking, jogging, running, and turning. The most popular and critically acclaimed videogames of the pre-VR age featured this type of locomotion.


Verse: Shortened form of ‘Virtual Space’. Can refer to any area of the virtual world, or the medium of VR more generally (‘The Verse’). First coined by Professor Tristan Verstraeten AKA ‘Doc V’.



Versing: Engaged in a VR program. Example: ‘Versing like a Boss’.

Versed: Having first-hand experience of VR. Example: ‘He/She is well versed’.


Other examples:

“While versed” – while engaged in VR.

“It’s been versed” – It has been adapted for VR.

“It’s ver...

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