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March 24, 2020

Okay, it's technically not Half-Life 3 according to Valve, but this chronological prequel to Half-Life 2 is very much a Half-Life game. This is no spin-off, and it has all the polish, substance, and innovation that you would expect from Valve. HLA is their flag-ship game to celebrate their solo entry into the VR hardware space with Index. You don't need an Index or its unique controllers to play this game, but owners of the controllers will benefit from having its finger-tracking tech. I pre-ordered the controllers (which will work with my Vive) the same day I pre-ordered HLA. HLA is free for owners of the Index or its controllers, but since the hardware is currently out of stock I had to pony up the money to play the game. However, knowing Good Guy Gabe, I'm sure I'll be refunded for the...

September 8, 2019

Hi guys! Some big news to report. After a little tweaking, I was able to get the recently released No Man's Sky VR to work with the Omni, using the same "controller-guided" movement direction that Skyrim VR uses. Frame rate is still a bit inconsistent, but hopefully this will improve over the course of future updates. 

I've always dreamed of using the Omni to play a game in which I could, theoretically, walk around an entire planet. My main hopes of doing this have been Star Citizen, and No Man's Sky. What is it like?  Surprisingly, it seems that just knowing that there are no invisible walls makes a difference to how you feel while walking in the virtual world. Imagination is clearly a component of the VR experience, along with visuals, audio, and controls - t...

March 19, 2019

Next week will be the third anniversary of the first generation of VR headsets produced by HTC and Oculus. In the interim, we've witnessed the growing pains of VR - the slow rate of consumer adoption, the continued paucity of great content, and the departure of some of the early players including CCP games - the developer of Eve Valkyrie. On paper, the last three years might look like a boom and bust, but if you're a VR enthusiast, there is hope on the horizon!  

A few companies - like Virtuix, were early to recognise this faltering start and pivot to a commercial use of their product, and VR has been doing well at VR arcades and other LBE (location based entertainment) venues. I was at IAAPA in Florida this past November when Virtuix unveil...

December 16, 2015

Today, along with the news that the first consumer Omni has been delivered to day-one backer Fred Wood, [LINK] Virtuix revealed that they have been secretly working on an Arena-style multiplayer FPS that will debut at CES next month.




In addition, they will be hosting the world’s first Active VR eSports tournament at their booth! The three-day event will feature “four Omnis on stage and live shout casters calling the action as players compete in Omni Arena for the Arena 2016 trophy!”


Explore VR is extremely excited to announce that they have been invited to attend and compete for this trophy! It looks like I will also be getting one of these badass T-shirts whether I win or lose:




Stay tuned for more updates regarding Omni Arena during CES in Las Vegas next month.

December 16, 2015

This is a significant moment in history.


Explore VR is delighted to report the news that yesterday the first consumer Virtuix Omni was delivered to a day-one Kickstarter backer, Fred Wood.


Image source - Virtuix


“I’ve always wanted to run around in impossible, virtual worlds. Virtuix has developed a product to make that possible, and I can’t wait to start running on my Omni.” – Fred Wood


The Virtuix Omni is the world’s first consumer omni-directional treadmill. Its design allows players to walk, jog, run, and jump in 360 degrees safely, and without simulator-sickness – issues that otherwise beset first-person navigation in VR.


Image source - Virtuix


Crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2013 to the tune of over $1.1 million dollars, the Virtuix Omni was originally envisioned as an immersion-enhanc...

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