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February 18, 2016

Another year, another CES - my third demonstrating the Virtuix Omni. Only this time I spent barely a few minutes on the device that I believe will change the world. On my flight over to America, I must have picked up the Flu, and so by the time the show started I was in no condition to compete in the first Active VR e-sports tournament, much to my disappointment. Instead, I took on a new role, becoming a ‘shoutcaster’ (until I lost my voice). It felt strange to be commentating while I watched others demonstrate the Omni. I felt like a retired pro turned pundit. Indeed, having just turned 32, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up with these younger guys!


It was as always a great pleasure to be at the Virtuix booth, watching people try the Omni for the first time; seeing that moment whe...

January 1, 2016


Man, 2015 was a real tease. After so much build-up, hype, investment headlines, product reveals, and game announcements, it still looked as though the dawn of Consumer VR would be pushed back yet another year. The Vive’s limited release was delayed from December until April, and today we’ve learned the launch of Oculus’ competing ‘Touch’ controllers has been moved from H1 to H2 next year (though their first PC tethered mask – the ‘Rift’ is still on course for Q1).


The silver lining in both cases is that we are told the extra time is only to improve the product, and not a bad omen of some kind. Well, if you backed the Virtuix Omni as I did, you’ll know that these pioneering VR companies are taking their responsibilities extremely seriously. The success or failure of our digital future ride...

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