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No Man's Sky, Twitch Streaming Debut

Hi guys! Some big news to report. After a little tweaking, I was able to get the recently released No Man's Sky VR to work with the Omni, using the same "controller-guided" movement direction that Skyrim VR uses. Frame rate is still a bit inconsistent, but hopefully this will improve over the course of future updates.

I've always dreamed of using the Omni to play a game in which I could, theoretically, walk around an entire planet. My main hopes of doing this have been Star Citizen, and No Man's Sky. What is it like? Surprisingly, it seems that just knowing that there are no invisible walls makes a difference to how you feel while walking in the virtual world. Imagination is clearly a component of the VR experience, along with visuals, audio, and controls - there is a greater sense of freedom, when you know you have greater freedom. Maybe it's the prospect that over the next hill I may discover something that no-one else has seen, that makes me smile when I take those first steps.

If you don't know about No Man's Sky, it's a procedurally generated universe (like Elite) with a near infinite number of planets, with their own flora and fauna to be discovered. I love exploring, so this is the kind of game I really like to play. As a Star Trek fan, it also lets me live out my fantasies of exploring alien worlds, using my own personal Holodeck!

Since it's so vast, it seems like this would be a good game to watch being played live on Twitch, as you are witnessing new discoveries along with everyone else and the person playing. I created a Twitch account years ago, but have never streamed anything. I think now might be a good time to try! You'll find my Twitch account here:

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